Account Comparison:

  Account Free Basic Premium
General Information
Price Free $9.99 a month
$100 a year
$13.99 a month
$135 a year
Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up
Max. amount of product tracking 25 250 1000
Description Our free account. Keep track of up to 25 products. Our standard package. Track up to 250 products. The best value! Track a massive inventory of up to 1000 products.
Advertisements [?] Ocassional Extremely minimal Extremely minimal
E-mail Notifications
Receive e-mail notifications [?]      
Receive more detailed e-mail notifications [?]      
Specify early warnings [?]      
Automatically renew expiration dates [?]      
File Uploads
Upload products through MS-Excel spreadsheets      
Upload products through tab-delimited text files [?]      
Specify your own table headers [?]      
User Interface
Quick, at-a-glance product information available at your start page. [?]      
Customizable product table view [?]      
Variety of product sorting option [?]      
Print your product lists [?]      
Export your product list [?]      
Search your product list [?]      
Inventory Management
Create folders fo organization [?]      
Automatically generate folders [?]      
Share your folders [?]      
Specify permissions for folders [?]      
Uploaded File Management [?]      
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Consulting services are also available. Please feel free to contact us here or at admin [@] eXpireTrack.com or call (626) 961-8067 for more details.

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