expiration reminder

eXpireTrack is an easy-to-use online application designed to help your organization better track supplies and inventory that are critical to being prepared for any emergency or catastrophic event. The eXpireTrack application is a fully customizable solution with all the features that you will need to organize and manage your perishable supplies.

search Quick Search
Search using a word, part of a word, a number, or any combination of words and numbers.
customization Set your preference
Customize your report by selecting only the fields you want to view.
users Multi-User Access
Create and organize users and set user permissions
permission Permission-Based Access
Set appropriate view/edit/add/delete permissions to ensure users see and change only appropriate folder items
email Automated Email Notification
Automated email reminder settings. Set the number of days you want to be notified before the expiration date.
folder Customized Folders
Create and save folders to organize your products based on your preferences.
filter Filtered Views
Filter inventory through multiple fields, i.e. time to expire, location
import Import data
Easily import and export data in various formats.
excel Export to Excel or Text files
Export reports for analysis or review out to Excel or Text file formats.
users Multi-User Access
Create and organize users and set user permissions
print Print Reports
Print your inventory report directly from eXpireTrack.

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